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Если Вы хотите работать в нашем Акционерном обществе, можетe прислать свое резюме либо скачать Анкету соискателя и, заполнив ее, прислать нам по факсу или электронной почте.

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При появлении соответствующей вакансии сотрудники  отдела кадров свяжутся с Вами.


Joint Stock Company "Gidromakhsuskurilish" announces a competition for the selection of a specialist of the internal audit service!

Vacancy on appointment of Deputy Director by economy and general matters

Description of the open vacancy
Appointment title: Deputy Director by economy and general matters.
Functions and responsibilities:
To manage the working on implementation of the company’s financial activity directed in providing buildings of production plan with financial resources, income generation and distribution and accruals of the company and their usage.

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